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Safety & Awareness Self-Defence

Unique and Innovative Safety & Awareness Self-Defence Training!
Hi, my name is Yan Sophokleous.​
I always look forward to sharing my methods - Helping people is in my nature!
Safety & Awareness Self-Defence Training
A unique, innovative and most importantly, legal approach!
Through the exploration of your unique movement flow, you will discover your Natural Self-Defence Mechanism!
I offer Safety & Awarness Self-Defence Training workshops, courses all of the UK!
You will exploring the essential skills, needed for today's World. 
Join me and learn something new!
You will develop a deep understanding of NPPR'S Natural Protective Positions and Responses, yours and theirs!
This will help you greatly, should you ever find yourself in a position to have to use these skills.
What to expect from the training - What will I learn?
The first thing you will learn are the NPPR'S!
NPPR'S stands for Natural Protective Positions and Responses. You will learn these through fun and interactive scenario based play, to give you a deeper understanding of what really happens and how best to respond, when your personal safety is under threat!
This will help you greatly, should you ever find yourself in a position to have to use these skills.
  • Verbal

  • Postural

  • Physical

  • Psycological​

VP's - Understanding when to use the VP's, really helps you to become completely comfortable and confident, in any situation you may find yourself in, be it at work, at home or on a day/night out!
This training approach will help you to "Unlock the strength you have within"!
Teaching from real life experiences, you will quickly understand what will work for you!
Topics like:
  • The legal side - What will keep you safe and what will get you in trouble
  • How to Escape from Holds
  • How to defend yourself against Strikes
  • How to defend yourself against Edged Weapons
  • How to defend yourself against Impact Weapons
  • The options you have from various positions, be it on the ground, kneeling, standing, pretty much any position you can imagine being in.
  • Learn essential Physical and Verbal skills
  • Plus so much more!
As your teacher, your safety is of the upmost importance!
Imparting the principles of Human Movement and Responses, with a working knowledge of Physics within Self-Defence, you will develop a deep understanding of the how and why!
Self-Defence and Awareness comes in many forms......
Mental, Physical, Emotional, Verbal, to name a few.
What else you will learn on this course:
  • How to recognise danger
  • Natural body positions for safety
  • Verbal and physical responses
  • Psychological shifts - Strategies to give you an advantage
  • Build Self Confidence - How to unlock your fears
  • Heighten your Awareness - Never become a victim
  • Tactics and Strategies against the most common threats
  • Recognise the classic postures and moves used on the street
  • How to position yourself against one or more attackers
  • Realistic scenario based training, exploring available options
  • The use of your clothing and everyday carriables for Self-Defence
  • I am always open to questions and happy to share the answers
  • Plus so much more!
Feel free to get in touch with me, for further details.
You can also let me know what topics you would love to learn and benefit most from, it would be my pleasure to help you, any way I can!
The training is open to everyone, from complete beginner to advanced enthusiasts - There's something here for everyone!
Learn innovative approaches to personal safety and personal protection too.
Contact me direct, let's work together!
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